Unique Valentine’s Gifts for Gadget Lovers

We live in a technological age where for almost any task you can think of there is either a gadget or an app. While it is great that we have this technology it means that people need to become more and more ‘tech savvy’. Fortunately many young people are as familiar with these tech gadgets as their grandparents were with the gramophone. For ‘techies’ it can be fun to buy Valentine gifts for other ‘techies’. The following list will give you some ideas for the ‘techies’ on your gift buying list.

The Best Valentine’s Gift Ideas List For The ‘Techies’ In Your Life

  • Woman loves gadgetsCell Phone – Whether you are buying gift for a man or a woman, if they really like to be up to date with the latest cell phone technology you can buy them the newest model of the phone they currently use. If you have to order it ahead of its release date just give them the receipt that tells them when the new model will be available. If you want something to wrap up to actually surprise them with see if there are cases available for the new model and buy one that you think he or she will like. He or she might think that the case is all they are getting so imagine their surprise when you tell them that the phone will be coming soon.
  • golf ball gift Swingbyte 2 – This is a tech gadget designed for golfers. When attached to a golf club it is able to record and analyze the golfer’s swing and follow through. The data is then synced to a cell phone or other mobile device for the golfer to assess and decide whether there is room for improvement. This is a good Valentines gift for any golfer, whether a beginner or someone who has been playing for years, as golfers are always trying to improve their swing so that they can improve their handicap. It is like having a golf pro standing right beside you every step of the course. It is available for both iOS and Android operating systems and uses Bluetooth technology to connect.
  • Wireless Speaker – The audio quality you used to only expect from the biggest, most expensive stereo speakers is now able to be packed into a speaker you can literally slip into a large pocket. For the music lover this is a gift they will truly appreciate as it is totally portable, can be set almost anywhere there is a level surface, and booms out music that is sweet to the ears. There are a number of wireless speakers available on the market at various price points so finding one that suits your budget should be manageable.
  • Portable Cell Phone Battery Pack – The typical techie is constantly either talking on the phone, listening to music on the phone, or checking Facebook/Instagram and other social media sites to see what their friends are up to. It doesn’t take long for a cell phone battery to run down when the phone is constantly being used, so a portable cell phone battery pack is the perfect Valentine gift for such a ‘techie’. For guys there are plenty of fairly plain options that can be slipped into their pants pocket and for women there are lots of ‘girly’ ones that they can attach to their handbag or wallet. A truly useful and thoughtful gift for her.
  • Running manFitBit – With such a huge focus on health and wellness today everyone is trying to take control of their health and fitness. If your guy or gal is into fitness they will likely love the Fitbit, and even if they are not ‘fitness freaks’ the FitBit is a great tool to measure how many steps a person takes each day. It is suggested that every person walks at least 10,000 steps a day in order to stay healthy but who has time (or a great memory) to count every step they take? No one, right? This little gadget will do it for them and it might surprise them to know that throughout the course of a day they actually walk further than they think. Or if they find they are more sedentary than they think it could encourage them to walk more.
  • Tile Mate – Does your guy or gal keep misplacing their car keys? Lots of people do. In fact it is probably the thing that gets misplaced most often. It is never when you have all the time in the world to find them either, right? It is always when you need to rush out the door to an appointment or because someone is waiting for you or the store is about to close. The Tile Mate is a smaller version of the Tile. When attached to the car keys your guy or gal can look up on their phone to see where the key ring is and locate it almost instantly. He or she will never have to turn the house ‘upside down’ looking for car keys ever again.