Valentine’s Gift Ideas and More

What counts more than anything when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, particularly if you’re buying for a certain special lady, is the thought rather than the cost. Spending hundreds of dollars is not going to promise 100% success. Even the small gifts and those that cost nothing at all, are going to mean far more provided they’re given with the right kind of feeling.

Valentine’s Day is a very traditional holiday, when secret admirers send single red roses, and star-crossed lovers and couples exchange Valentine’s gifts. Another popular pastime for this special time of the year is candlelit dinners. Traditional Valentine gift ideas for her include bouquets of roses and heart-shaped chocolates, but there are plenty more suitable gifts that will be cherished and enjoyed.

If your thoughts are starting to turn towards gifts for your loved ones keep reading as we’ll be sharing lots of great ideas.

Inspiration for the best Valentine gift ideas for her

valentines day ideasAre you one of those guys that feels under great pressure when Valentine’s Day is looming? Are you feeling slightly afraid that all your effort will be wasted? If you’re under the impression that your gift has to be perfect, it has to be given in the perfect way, as well as being given on time then you’re worrying about nothing. Your gift has to be a sign of your appreciation for all the beauty and enjoyment your partner has brought to your life. All she’ll be looking for is some recognition, not perfection. Think about your daily routine and whether you get enough opportunity to tell her how much you love her. Possibly not, which is why Valentine’s Day is your chance to show that you care.

Valentine’s Day is about making her feel special. If she loves her jewelry then a sentimental pendant, bracelet or engraved ring will be perfect, but if she’s not into such items then you’re going to be way off the mark. In fact you’ll be showing her how little you understand her or value all that she does. Similarly, if you buy her tickets for a music concert but she prefers to listen to music in the comfort of the home your gift is going to be unwelcome and possibly unused. Finding the right gifts and exchanging them with each other is all part of the ritual. It is telling your other half that you love them and want to continue to share your lives with each other. At the very least you should give your wife or girlfriend a card, and then possibly take her out for dinner or better still, cook her something at home.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your arrangements or gift buying till the last minute. Restaurants will already be fully booked and when it comes to gifts and cards, only the uninspired, boring and tacky items will be left on the shelf.

Time to turn our attention to the men in your life, and offer up some Valentine’s gift ideas for him.

Valentine gift ideas for him that are useful and practical

make him happy for valentineWhile some males may be content to receive sentimental or romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day, a large majority will prefer something that will be useful. Men aren’t usually known for their collections of ornaments, cuddly toys or trinkets. If you’re the kind of lady that wants your gift to surprise and delight him then carry on reading because we’ve got lots of Valentine gift ideas for him that will show him how much you love him, as well as ticking all the other boxes.

First you need to think about all the things he likes doing. For example, is he a sports fan? Does he love to spend his weekends tinkering and fixing things? Does he like to experiment in the kitchen? Once you’ve got his preferences clear in your head, there should be no problem finding a gift that is related. To check that you’re in the right area ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Does he need the gift you’ve chosen?
  • Does he want the gift you’ve chosen?
  • Will the gift bring him enjoyment when he comes to use it?

If you can answer in the affirmative then you’re in the right ball park. And the more he can use your gift, the more it’ll be appreciated.

Here are a few useful ideas:

A watch – Although this kind of gift is not as popular as it once was, it will still be a very attractive addition to his wardrobe. Yes, he might be permanently attached to his mobile phone, and never have a problem when it comes to knowing the time. But watches have become more of a fashion accessory that something that’s used for telling the time.

A fashionable pair of shoes or boots – If you think that maybe your guy’s shoe collection could do with a little help find a fashionable or trendy pair of boots or shoes that he’ll want to wear everyday.

A shaving set – If your beloved is very proud of his appearance and always seems disappointed with the finish delivered by his electric shaver, give him a gift that will promise a close shave each and every time.

Upgrade his wardrobe – Make sure he’s kitted out by buying him a few items of clothing. Don’t make the mistake of buying something because you’d love to see him wearing it. His clothes must be in the style, taste and color he would choose himself.

Tickets to a special event – If your husband or boyfriend is a bit of a sports fan, then why not buy him tickets to an upcoming game. You might not enjoy watching soccer, baseball or hockey but going along with him will make it a special event. If he’s not into sports then maybe a music concert or a movie premiere.

Sexy lingerie – This is one occasion when buying some sexy lingerie for yourself will be a welcome surprise for your significant other half. Not only will be enjoy seeing you wearing it but he’ll get a lot of pleasure from getting you out of it too.

To finish up this page we’ll look at the light hearted side of Valentine’s Day by sharing some fun and amusing facts about love.

Interesting trivia about the emotion we call love

  • Valentine’s Gift IdeaYou’ll have just 4 minutes to impress a certain someone – That is all the time it takes to know whether you like someone or not.
  • Synchronised heart beats – After gazing into your beloved eyes for 3 minutes your heart beats automatically synchronise.
  • Falling in love is like being on cocaine – Both stimulate the brain in similar ways and trigger the same feeling of euphoria.
  • A natural painkiller – When you enjoy an embrace or cuddle with your partner a hormone known as oxytocin is released. Studies have shown that this hormone can make a difference to a headache and even make it go away.
  • Opposites attract – This is a well-known saying and actually has some truth. If a couple is very similar then they aren’t going to last in a relationship.
  • There is such a thing as a broken heart – Traumatic events such as a break-up, divorce or losing a loved one causes actual pain in the heart. The condition is known as broken heart syndrome. A chemical is released in the brain following deep emotional distress and leads to severe chest pains and shortness of breath.

This last one makes it all the more important to pull the stops out this Valentine’s Day, and make it a special occasion for the person you love most in this world. There are so many options when it comes to Valentine’s gift ideas that there are no excuses. Your partner won’t believe you if you try and say that you forgot, and you might be treading on dodgy ground if you say you didn’t want to waste your money. Put in a little effort and it’s going to be rewarded.