The Best of the Best Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Give her a box of chocolates, bouquet of flowers and gushy card and she’ll be happy. Just keep telling yourself that guys and eventually you’re going to reach the end of the line. While this kind of traditional, but none the less unimaginative, Valentine’s gift for her will work for a few years you’d be wise not to consider it long-term. On the whole women aren’t that difficult to please but it won’t hurt to go that extra mile every now and again. This year we’ll help you reach nirvana when it comes to choosing the perfect Valentine gift for her. We’re not saying you have to follow our advice but you’d better take some of it onboard if you want there to be more Valentine’s Days together.

valentines day surpriseWhile you might be thinking that Valentine’s Day is just another example of retailers jumping on the bandwagon, this important annual holiday has been celebrated for hundreds of years. Yes we agree that the whole celebration may have become a little tainted by commercialism, but it is still a very sentimental day of the year. When you’re busy running around taking care of responsibilities, holding down a job and bringing up a family there is little time left for thinking about each other. In a perfect world you would should your love for that special someone everyday of the year. However nothing is perfect so take the opportunity, on at least one day, to show your wife, girlfriend or partner how much they mean to you.

Time to look at some of the options when you’re struggling to find the most perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for her.

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Keep in her good books with these great Valentine’s gifts for her

A good place to start is by thinking about the kind of lady you’re buying the gift for. It could be your mum, sister, wife, girlfriend or even a teacher. Let’s give you some suggestions for the kind of lady you’ve known and come to love.

Is she a bit of a foodie? The best kind of Valentine’s gift for her would be:

  • Book a table at her favorite restaurant or one she’s been longing to try
  • The latest offering from one of the well-known TV chefs
  • A gift card for a renowned local eatery
  • A gift hamper full of tasty and tempting treats and delicacies
  • Gourmet cooking classes

valentine gift gor herIs she more of a sports lover? Consider one of the following:

  • An item of sports memorabilia, signed by her favorite player
  • A signed autobiography from her favorite sports star
  • Some gym equipment or clothing
  • Tickets to a sporting event
  • A guided tour of her favorite team’s stadium

Is she a lover of fashion? Try one of the following suggestions:

  • There’s got to be an item of clothing she’s had her eye on
  • A gift card for her favorite store
  • A monthly subscription to a top ranking fashion magazine
  • An item of clothing made by her favorite designer
  • Fashion accessories are a great fall back if you’re a little unsure of her size

If she loves to spend her free time reading? Here are some great Valentine gifts for her:

  • An eReader
  • A gift card for the local bookstore
  • If you know what her favorite book is see if you can get a signed first edition
  • A print, bag or mug featuring her favorite quote
  • Take her to a book signing by a well known author

Is she more of an outdoorsy kind of girl? The perfect Valentine’s gift for her could be:

  • make her happy for valentineA top of the range camera
  • A set of binoculars
  • A new pair of walking boots
  • A backpack
  • A guide book for a place she’d love to visit – and don’t miss out on taking her there
  • A swinging hammock so she can be comfortable outside in the garden

Is she a music fan? How about:

  • Tickets to a live concert
  • iTunes gift card
  • Monthly subscription to an online music service
  • The latest album by her favorite band

That should be most of the ladies covered so now we’ll continue on our journey by looking at some more Valentine’s day gift ideas for her.

Tips on buying the perfect Valentine’s gift for your girlfriend

romantic gift ideasChances are you’re looking to impress your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day, by giving her a gift that is a clear indication of your feelings. You’re obviously feeling a little bit panicky, otherwise why would you be here on this page? Take a deep breath because it’s not as difficult as you think. Something homemade will be perfect if you’re not very flush. Make a card rather than buying one, and don’t forget some sentimental words inside. Take a look at our Valentine’s ideas page for more inspiration.

If money isn’t an issue there are some grand gestures you can make to your loved one. Treat her to a spa day, because every woman loves to be pampered. After a day enjoying the relaxing atmosphere and different beauty treatments she’ll feel on top of the world. However, treating her to a spa day at home will be even better. Tread very carefully if you’re quite new to the relationship, as you don’t want to scare her away. Why not get her an item of jewelry that contains her birthstone? In order to find the best gift for your girlfriend you’re going to need to do some research. Don’t be afraid to ask about her likes, dislikes and interests. She’d much prefer to receive a gift that is personal than one that is totally irrelevant. Put in the effort with your Valentine’s Day gift and it will be rewarded. She’ll certainly be very tempted to stick around.

Make your wife’s Valentine’s Day memorable

You might be feeling a little pressured to find the perfect gift for your wife. So far you’ve tried flowers and chocolates and one year you even went for a hot air balloon ride. However, it always seems like you’re just shy of the mark. If you want this year to be different, keep reading, and we’ll share some ideas on how to make this year’s Valentine gift for her truly memorable.

The ideal Valentine’s Day should include at least one

You know she’s going to be expecting something for Valentine’s Day so try and surprise her with your Valentine’s Day gifts for her. Send her a love letter through the mail. Imagine the surprise on her face when the letter drops through the door. Why not bring her breakfast in bed? And see if you can make or have delivered her favorite morning treat. Keep her feeling special all day by sending her text messages vowing to love her for ever, or words to that effect.

Your wife should be the focus of the day

The center attraction for this special day should be your wife. Everything you do should have her in interests in mind. Thinking about going out for dinner? Make sure it’s her favorite restaurant. Considering putting your chefs whites on and cooking her a meal? Choose dishes or styles of cooking that are her choice. What about the movies? This time you’re going to have to endure the latest chick-flick because it’s what she wants that’s the order of the day.

Romantic gestures always score big

When we say romantic gestures we’re not referring to a bunch of flowers picked up on the way home from work. You need to think about buying her the biggest bouquet you can afford, or even better picking some from the garden. When it comes to boxes of chocolates, see if you can find a luxury selection with all her favorite centres.

We hope that this Valentine’s Day will be more successful than previous years, and there will be lots more to come. Our aim is to make every Valentine’s Day a resounding success and keep you in your ladies good books.