Valentine’s Gifts for Him That Will Make Him Proud

Valentine’s Day gift shopping can be a little tricky, especially when it’s for the man in your life. Do you think that a cuddly soft teddy bear, flowers or chocolates will cut the mustard? Possibly not because men on the whole tend to prefer gifts that are practical. That being said, there are still men who won’t mind receiving the traditional kind of gift. So if your guy fits into this category get out there and see what you can find. For all the others let’s take a look at what’s on offer if you’re looking for a Valentine’s gift for him that will make his day.

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Valentine’s Day gifts for him – Helpful do’s and don’ts

If the man in your life is not the kind who’ll be impressed with red hearts and anything pink then you need to pick a Valentine’s present he’ll really love. Even the smallest of gifts can be the answer, but what should you be looking for and what’s best to avoid?

365 reasons why I love youDo…

  • Choose a Valentine gift for him that he’ll be able to use throughout the year. If you pick a gift that says ‘Happy Valentine’ it might well end up in the cupboard. Instead find a gift that can be used everyday.
  • Personalized gifts are far more memorable and special. Something that’s been engraved or embroidered will be cherished.
  • Keep in mind his hobbies and interests. It’s better to pick a gift that caters to the things he likes doing or a particular passion, even if this means a bit of repetition.
  • Consider a gift you can both enjoy. After all why wouldn’t he want to enjoy an activity you can both participate in?
  • Remember a Valentine’s card and a message.


  • Think a gift that you want can be successfully spun for him. His ultimate dream might be to see you in some sexy lingerie, but think about buying a gift that’s just for him too.
  • Go over the top with your spending. There’s always the temptation to buy your man something really extravagant and expensive, but men much prefer a gift that is kinder on the pocket. If you really want to spend loads of cash, save the idea for another occasion such as his birthday.

Now you should have a bit more of an idea of the perfect Valentine’s gifts for him so let’s move on with a few suggestions.

Special Valentine’s Day gifts for him that won’t break the bank

Making your boyfriend, husband or partner feel special doesn’t mean you need to take out a second mortgage. Some of the sweetest gifts cost less than $30. Here are our top ideas.

A personalized bar of chocolate – Think of Valentine’s Day and chocolate is one of the first things that pops into your mind. Thankfully it’s not just the ladies that love chocolate, men do too. Choose your partners favorite flavor and type of chocolate and add a special topping. There are lots of online stores that can make the special combination and even arrange for it to be delivered to his front door.

valentine gift fot himHeadphone splitter – Remember the days when you shared headphones with your best friend, one ear-piece for each of so you could both listen to those favorite tunes? Now you can get twice the enjoyment with two sets of full headphones.

Whisky soapstones – Perfect for bringing his favorite tipple down to the best drinking temperature without any problems of it being watered down.

A cover for his favorite book – If your husband is a bit of a bookworm, he’s sure to appreciate a cover that will protect his favorite paperback book from creases and scratches.

Male pamper products – It’s not just the ladies that like a spot of pampering. How about a hair and body set, or some skin care products?

A comfortable pair of undies – Bring something sensual to his underwear drawer and you get to enjoy him posing like a pin-up.

A mini BBQ – Help your man get ready for the summer with a miniature BBQ, that’s perfect for small spaces and inside campers.

A branded bucket – Is he a hockey lover? Give him the gift of a team branded ice bucket for those days when he just wants to enjoy the game, without having to worry about visiting the cooler.

The DIY addict – A mini level that can be stored in a drawer or hung round his neck.

Movie box set – Did he drag you along to the cinema when his favorite movie came to town? Give him the box set so he can enjoy the experience in his own home, while you get on with something you like doing.

Massage candle – Two gifts in one that includes a beautifully scented candle that is made from wax that reaches the perfect temperature for a sensual massage.

A personalized mug – A great way to deliver his favorite morning beverage, whether it’s coffee or tea. There will be no more arguments over whose mug is whose.

If you think he’d prefer a gift that is more of an experience rather than a tangible gift he can hold in his hand why not try one of the following ideas?

Give him the experience of a lifetime for his Valentine’s Day gift

Wherever you live there a number of different experiences available for the man in your life to enjoy. You can choose from a range of gifts that he’d enjoy on his own or why not pick one that he can enjoy with you? Some of the exciting options include:

An aerobatic thrill ride – He’ll experience the thrill that comes with flying in a small aircraft and his heart will be in his mouth as the experienced pilot takes him up in the air to enjoy loops, rolls, hammerheads, Cuban eights, inverted flight and much more.

romantic dinner giftAn airboat tour – Give him the opportunity to watch out for the wildlife while an airboat takes him out over a partially frozen bay. He’ll also get to experience something they call puddle jumping.

Cooking class at home – Does your beloved fancy himself as a top chef? Here is the chance for him to brush up on his skills with some tuition from a professional chef. This is the sort of gift that you could enjoy together.

Flying lessons – There are plenty of men who would love the opportunity to learn how to fly. Well now they can with pre-flight safety checks and personal tuition s part of the deal. You might want to stay on the ground and watch this one.

Masterclass in beer appreciation – After this kind of experience a bog-standard can of beer from the grocery store just won’t do. With the chance to sample many kinds of beers, stouts, ales and Pilsners, he’ll also learn which go best with which foods and the optimum way to serve them.

To finish up let’s give you some facts and figures relating to Canada and it’s annual enjoyment of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day facts and figures relevant to Canada

Taken from an interesting article in the Huffington Post here are some relevant facts and figures for Valentine’s Day in Canada:

  • In 2012, Canadians celebrating this important day for lovers, spent on average $126
  • 50% of men thought that a romantic weekend away would be the perfect way to celebrate
  • One fifth of men who were asked said they would prefer tickets to a big game, while 70% just wanted sex.

If you want to read the complete article here’s a handy link:

Well that’s the men taken care of. Time to turn our attention to the fairer sex. Read on for our selection of Valentine’s gifts for her, and later we’ll be looking at romantic Valentine gifts, as well as special gifts and some interesting Valentine’s ideas.