Floral Gifts by Astrological Sign

People born under particular astrological (star) signs exhibit different traits and characteristics, and this is fairly common knowledge even in those who do not believe in astrology. What you may or may not know is that those same characteristics and traits are likely to influence the type and color of flowers that they prefer. The following is a little bit of information about each star sign and which flowers are likely to bring people born under each one joy.

Astrological Signs and Their Favorite Flowers

Astrological signs and flowers
Aries – Arians are born leaders and are full of energy, passion and drive. It likely comes as no surprise that they like bold colors, therefore it is only expected that the flowers they favor over others are those that come in a range of bold, dramatic colors. The tulip in a passionate red or dark purple is likely to appeal to an Arian woman.

Taurus – With the bull as their star sign being headstrong is just one of the traits common to Taureans. They can also be very warmhearted and fiercely protective of those they love. They do have a gentle side though, and it is this romantic aspect of their nature that makes lilies a perfect choice for gift for the Taurean woman.

Gemini – The friendly, talkative Gemini is creative and playful at the same time. This often leads them to be somewhat mischievous. The heavenly twins sign makes them one of the best star signs to be friends with. Roses are the perfect flower for the Gemini. If the roses are for a friend a pretty pink is appropriate but for the love of your life it is without a doubt the red rose.

Rose for her for Valentine's Day

Cancer – The Cancerian is known to be very emotional and deeply romantic, often with a generous dash of the whimsical thrown in for good measure. They are sensitive and need to be appreciated, but at the same time they are also very patient. The delphinium is the flower that resonates well with a Cancerian woman.

Leo – There is nothing weak about the Leo and more often than not you will find a Leo will take charge, get stuck in and get things done, but all with a strong sense of doing what is right to help those in need. They are confident but also crave the limelight. It is these traits that make the sunflower a great choice, because just like the Leo the sunflower towers above all other flowers and grabs attention.

Virgo – Detail oriented and highly organized, the Virgo is also somewhat of a home body, preferring her own company to that of others. That being said they are often excellent judges of character and will form long-lasting and deep friendships. Flowers such as daisies and asters are a good choice for the Virgo woman.

Libra – Librans know how to maintain a harmonious balance between work, home, and social lives. They are romantics at heart and tend to be very calm, kind and gentle. Sincerity and truthfulness are traits the Libran values very highly. The pretty hydrangea is a good choice, but she will likely prefer a plant over cut flowers.

Scorpio – Strong-willed, tenacious and often with strong convictions the Scorpio is not easily swayed, yet can be extremely sensitive and prone to feel emotions deeply. They do not give up easily and of all the star signs is the most likely to achieve their goals. They are sensual and romantic and that is why the beautiful peony is the perfect choice for the Scorpio woman.

Colorful bouquet for Valentine's Day
Sagittarius – Strong of mind and body, the Sagittarian has a very independent spirit that does not respond well to limitations or constraints. A free spirit that likes to travel where and when she likes The Sagittarian also seems to be followed by good luck. This could be due to their optimistic outlook on life. Carnations in a variety of colors will make the perfect bouquet.

Capricorn – Capricorns have their feet firmly planted on the ground and are happiest when they feel secure. They are practical and highly self-disciplined, taking responsibility seriously, knowing that others are relying upon them. They need to be needed and yet at the same time appreciate being pampered. The African violet is a great choice of plant for a Capricorn woman because it will give her something to care for.

Aquarius – Fiercely loyal to those they love, and yet having an independent spirit, the Aquarian can be counted on to look at the positive side of almost any situation. This positive attitude draws people to them but Aquarians are quick to see through a person’s lack of sincerity. They are romantics and it is to this trait that the beautiful pink orchid appeals greatly.

Pisces – Gentle and patient by nature, the Piscean are very intuitive both about themselves and those around them. They have a generous spirit and are compassionate, and tend to make friends easily as a result of these traits. A flower arrangement that consists of soft shapes and colors is ideal for the Piscean woman. Think pale pinks, white, and cream such as pale pink tea roses, alstroemeria, and white daisies with a little pale greenery.