Choosing Valentines Gifts for Husband

a red padlockWhether you have been married for fifty years or haven’t yet celebrated your first wedding anniversary, you can be sure that Valentines Day is an important date in the calendar for the success of your relationship. Forgetting to buy your other half a present could be disastrous and making the wrong choice of gift could be equally problematic. Men aren’t easy to purchase gifts for at the best of times, and when it comes to choosing Valentines gifts for husband, you may be drawing a blank for creative suggestions. Perhaps you think you have already exhausted all possible avenues of presents, or perhaps you have made mistakes in the past by choosing something that he didn’t really like. This year, should you go for something run of the mill or take a risk and try something out of the ordinary? It can be a minefield, but here you can find some inspiring ideas for Valentines gifts for husband or significant other in your life.

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Luxurious Valentine Gifts for Husband

If you are ready to push the boat out this Valentines Day and pamper him with a luxury gift, why not consider buying an item of stylish clothing? He is sure to love the luxury of a cashmere sweater or a beautiful silk tie in a colour that he likes. Alternatively, a pair of real leather gloves, a leather briefcase or perhaps a stylish leather jacket would be the perfect present to impress him this year.

If he loves to be pampered, he is sure to appreciate a spa day or a relaxing massage treatment, and for the man who always wants to look and feel his best, a designer fragrance or some top branded men’s bath products would fit the bill perfectly.

Jewelry Gifts for Men

You may think that jewelry gifts are only for ladies, but actually many men like to receive jewelry gifts too. If your husband is a gentleman of style, he will love to wear a pair of monogrammed cufflinks or a jewel studded tie pin. Or if his tastes are a little more modern, a neck chain, a braided leather bracelet or even a fashion ring are sure to appeal.

Best Valentines Gifts for Sports Enthusiast Husbands

basketball gameIf you are looking for Valentines gifts for husband who loves sports, you can choose some merchandise from his favourite team – perhaps a shirt or a signed photo of his top star. If he likes to participate rather than watch, a sports themed activity day could fit the bill perfectly. There are plenty of options to select from such as rock climbing, parachuting, scuba diving or even driving a racing car that should be enough to thrill any active man.

If he is a keen golfer there is a perfect gift that he is sure to love. A 24 karat gold-dipped golf ball and tee will make him the talk of the green and is sure to impress with its luxurious opulence. This present can either be displayed in pride of place as a lasting memento or can even be used during his next game.

Valentines Gifts for Gaming Husband

For the husband who has made his own man cave and loves nothing better than spending an evening gaming with his friends, there are lots of presents you can give that he will appreciate. A gaming chair for a keen video gamer will help him immerse himself in the experience, while a dart board or table football table will expand his playing options and make him even more popular amongst his friends. A set of 24 karat gold-dipped playing cards makes the ideal token of esteem for any husband who loves to play poker. Each magnificent set is produced to tournament standards and will bring a touch of the real-life casino to his next game.

Personalized Valentines Gifts for Husband

Your husband is sure to appreciate the personal touch this Valentines Day, so if you want to give him a bespoke gift, a personalized present is a good choice. There are many different types of personalized gift, from hand-painted and embroidered tokens of love to engraved and inscribed items. For the husband who thinks he is a connoisseur, perhaps an engraved wine glass or a personalized bottle stopper would be an ideal trinket, or for the husband who likes to write, an engraved pen. Every husband can appreciate the practical nature of an inscribed key fob with its own personal message, or an engraved photograph frame with one of the best pictures you together showcased inside. For a husband who loves DIY, a personalized tool kit would be a good bet, whilst one who loves gardening will delight in receiving a planter with his name on it.

Whatever you choose, finding memorable and meaningful Valentines gifts for husband will make this a year to remember.