Unusual Valentines Gifts for Her

valentines day gifts

Valentines Day is a wonderful time of year for couples. Whether you have been married for years or are just in the first flush of romance with a new partner, it’s a wonderful time for lovers to spend together, reminding each other of how much they are loved and appreciated.

Finding gifts to surprise your partner on this special day can be easier said than done however. If you have been in a relationship for a long time, you may feel that you have exhausted all the possible romantic gifts, and if you are just starting out in a relationship, you may feel that you don’t yet know your girlfriend well enough to make an informed choice about something she will love.

Whatever you choose, you know that it has to be something that will be really meaningful and memorable for her, making the day an occasion to remember. If you find an unusual or unique present that will bring something a little different to her life on the 14th February, you are sure to impress her and delight her at the same time. If you need a little help finding inspiration for unusual Valentines gifts for her, read on for some helpful advice.

Red Glazed Natural Rose

Red glazed natural rose

  • A fine red natural rose that has been hand-cut in its prime, glazed and trimmed in 24k gold.
  • Presented in a stylish leather display case with crushed navy-blue velvet lining.
  • The ultimate symbol of lasting beauty and romance, every rose is one of a kind.

Price: $169

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Pink Tight Bud Glazed Rose

Pink tight bud glazed rose

  • A natural pink rose, picked before full boom, and then glazed and gold trimmed.
  • The rose has lustrous finish and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
  • Free express delivery and fast order processing.

Price: $169

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Personalized Unusual Valentines Gifts for Her

Personalized gifts are all the rage these days as givers realise the potential of a gift that has been specially tailored to meet the needs of the recipient. A bespoke present speaks volumes about the time and care put into selecting a perfect gift, so it is easy to see why this type of present has become increasingly popular.

There are lots of different kinds of personalized present to select from, but if you are looking for unusual Valentines gifts for her, why not surprise her with a gift perfectly suited to her hobbies and pastimes?

For a wife or girlfriend who is a bookworm, delight her with a personalized silver bookmark, or for a partner who is a whizz in the kitchen, a personalized apron would be an ideal choice. Any spouse who thinks of herself as a connoisseur of fine wines would love to receive a personalized bottle of wine together with an engraved wine glass, while a keen writer will be pleased to open an engraved pen.

Handmade Unusual Valentines Gifts for Her

A handmade gift is always really special and heart warming, especially on an occasion as wonderful and romantic as Valentines Day. Why not amaze her with a beautiful and unusual present that you have made for her yourself? There are lots of kits that you can buy in stores to help you create a crafty and unique gift with your own hands. From decorating your own mug to painting a plate, she is sure to be touched by such a creative and different take on the traditional Valentines Day present.

If you lack the time or the skills to design and make your own handmade present, buying a unique hand-crafted gift is a good alternative. The fabulous thing about a handmade gift is that it is one of a kind – just like the lady in your life. She will know that she is truly special when she receives a present that is just as unique as she is.

One stylishly elegant handmade gift is a gorgeous glazed natural rose. Fashioned from a genuine hand-picked rose, each beautiful blossom is then intricately glazed by hand by talented artists and trimmed with an edging made from the purest 24 karat gold. As each bloom comes presented in its own lovely leather display case, it is a lasting memento of the day to be given a prominent place in the recipient’s home for many years to come.

Another hand-crafted gift that is perfect for any lady that appreciates fine jewelry and the timeless beauty of flowers is a stunning real miniature rose pendant. Perfectly preserved in a striking glaze and edge with a 24 karat gold trim, each pretty necklace is available in either a classic leaf design or in an elegant heart shape, completely appropriate for the nature of this romantic day. Every time she wears this stylish gift she will think of you and remember the heartfelt nature of this romantic token of esteem.

Choose Unusual Valentines Gifts for Her That She Would Never Buy Herself

A Valentines gift that she is sure to appreciate is something that she would never have thought of buying for herself. There are all kinds of fun gadgets that she will love to try out, such as a hot dog toaster, chocolate fountain or candy floss maker. She will love to experiment with the tasty treats that she can make and will be pleased at the thought that went into selecting something she would never have chosen herself.

For a touching gift with a long-lasting appeal, why not surprise her with a Name A Star kit or a Name a Rose set? She cannot fail to see the romance behind such a thoughtful gift and is sure to treasure the opportunity to create a lasting reminder of this special Valentines Day.

Unusual Valentines gifts for her is one of the finest way to show your love and appreciation this year, so make the 14th of February a really special occasion by presenting her with a gift that she is sure to treasure and cherish.