Help and Advice on the Best Valentine Gifts for Him and for Her

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Are you thinking that this year you need to find Valentine’s Day gifts for your partner, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend that surpass anything given on previous years? Do you want to find a gift that shows your true feelings and make you a likely contender for partner of the year? You might think that you’ve given yourself quite an undertaking and are starting to panic about where to start. Don’t worry because we’re here to guide you through the maze that is searching for the best Valentine’s Day gift.

best valentines day ideasSo what kind of emotion are you looking to convey to your special someone? Will you want something that’s quirky, humorous, romantic, or sentimental? Do you need the gift to be practical or something that is meant to sit on a shelf and be admired? There are so many questions that need answering, and this kind of challenge isn’t going to be solved with a quick visit to your local gift store. If you want a top Valentine gift it’s going to require a little more effort than that. Still interested in finding great Valentine’s gifts? Keep reading and we’ll hold your hand, taking you on a journey that will lead to ultimate success.

What’s important when giving the best Valentine’s gifts?

We think you’ve already got a good idea of what will make your loved one’s day special. You’ve set yourself the task of choosing a Valentine’s Day present that will show you care. Some people think all that’s required is a cute card, box of chocolates, perfume or flowers, but it’s a little more involved than that. Valentine’s Day gifts are given to lots of different people including mums, dads, husbands, girlfriends and even teachers. There are even some that will be looking to surprise a certain someone they admire from afar. However, it doesn’t really matter who the recipient will be. The process is pretty much the same.

First you need to be clear on the message you want to convey. Are you simply wanting to say how much you love them? Do you want to let them know that they are the most beautiful person in your life at the moment? Or are you happy to send your admiration without the person knowing who the message is coming from? Lots of different scenarios but once you’ve made your decision you can move on to finding a top Valentine gift. Doesn’t that sound easy? Onward and upward then with some helpful tips.


Tips on finding the best Valentine’s gifts

  • Try and keep your gift simple to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • Don’t be too proud to ask for help, and this doesn’t mean only the beautiful assistant at the store. Of course they will be more than happy to share some of their gift giving experience, but there are plenty of other people you can go to for more personal advice. Your special someone is bound to have a close relation or BFF you can talk to, and they might even know something about your beloved that is news to you.
  • Sometimes a sentimental message or poem full of emotion will convey your feelings far better than an obscure Valentine’s gift. Not everyone however, is a budding poet, which is why you’ll find lots of inspiration online.
  • Make your sweethearts day fun by organising a treasure hunt. You can use lots of smaller gifts to help mark the way to the prize at the end of the day.
    If you’re not confident in the seriousness of your relationship set up an interesting date. That way you can enjoy the experience together.
  • We’ve left this tip till the end, but it’s really a brilliant place to start. Think about the recipient of your Valentine’s present and their hobbies, interests and preferences. After all what’s the point in looking at gifts that won’t be enjoyed or liked.

You might be wondering if all the effort is going to be worth it, and whether it’s important to give gifts. So let’s look at why gifts are important.

Gifts make people feel special – whether they’re receiving or giving

best valentine git for herThere have been plenty of studies relating to the custom of giving gifts, both by psychologists, historians, and retail marketing experts. All have found that giving and receiving gifts is an integral part of our society, and one that benefits both sides of the act. There are significant psychological perks, and it is a great way to show a range of different emotions. For example interest, appreciation, gratitude, and not forgetting love. It also helps strengthen the bonds between two people.

Did you realise that giving a gift to someone is much more beneficial for your psyche than getting one? This is because it’s a way of showing your concern for another person, and is done in an unselfish way. While you may have at the back of your mind thoughts of a gift you may get in return, this shouldn’t be the single factor. Giving someone a gift makes you feel good. It’s really that simple. And if you manage to find the ultimate gift then this will only increase the pleasure.

There are some experts that have found that gift giving can be an excellent way to unwind and destress. And let’s face it we could all do with that a little more often. All the more reason to carry on reading and let us help make your task stress and hassle free. You might want to know that your gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. Some great Valentine’s gifts are out there that won’t cost a single penny, possibly only a modicum of your time. And if your budget is limited then a romantic card with some well chosen words may be the best course of action.

Now you know what you need to be thinking about, and why you should be going to so much trouble, let’s investigate some of the options.

The best Valentine gifts for the man in your life

What springs to mind when the idea of Valentine’s Day pops into your thoughts? If you’re a female then it’s likely going to include a spot of romance, sentimental gifts and possibly even a bouquet of flowers. Is it the same for men? For some yes, and for some it will mean something totally different. They might even consider it best to stay under the covers and hope the day will pass without any worry. So what can you give to the man in your life, now that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching?

gifts for valentines dayEver heard the old adage that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? This is certainly true for a number of men, so why not pull all the stops out and cook him something outstanding? Giving him breakfast in bed will also be a great way to start the day.
Is your sweetheart the kind of man who loves his gadgets? Imagine his surprise when the gift that you give is the latest iPhone, iPad, tablet or digital player. And what about a new games console?
Is your beloved in touch with his feminine side? Perhaps this sort of guy would really like to receive something romantic such as flowers, chocolates or an item of jewellery.

Does he have a favorite type of music, genre of movie or sporting event that he loves to watch? Tickets to a game, concert or selection of the latest movies might be more in keeping with his personal taste.
We bet he’s got a hobby, so find a gift that is connected. If he spends hours sat by the river fishing then he’d surely appreciate some new tackle or an umbrella to keep off the sun. Does he spend his free time reading? Take a look at his current book collection and find him something similar. You could even give him an eReader so he can pick his own.

All it takes is a little bit of thought and you’re going to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him. Score big and he’s only going to want to repay the favor, which means you’re both going to have a great day.

The best Valentine’s Day gift for a special lady

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for the ladies think sentimental and romantic. This could be seen as a thankless task but it really is quite simple. The female of the species looks upon a gift as a way to show someone how much you care, and should be filled with emotion rather than being something practical. It could also be fun and totally unique. And this doesn’t mean the gift has to be something nobody has ever thought of. On the contrary. Some of the most popular gifts can be made unique with a touch of personalisation. Let’s give a few examples of the kind of gift that will make your lady’s day special.
Breakfast in bed – Pick her favorite dishes and serve them up for breakfast. What woman wouldn’t love to be served breakfast in bed by the man of her dreams, especially if that includes chocolate croissants? And if you’re not too confident in your baking skills then get breakfast delivered.

Her own personal spa day
– Book her a few treatments at your local spa or you could have a go at doing it yourself. A few scented candles, a warm bath and massage from her favorite man will surely leave her with a warm glow.
A personalised item of jewelry – If you’re not ready to pop the question then may be a stylish ring will be a gift she’ll be proud to wear everyday. With a suitable engraving she’ll be constantly reminded of your love wherever she may be.
Intimate lingerie – We don’t mean something that’s going to be uncomfortable or make her feel like a trussed up chicken. You might want to buy her something trashy, but this is a special lady you’re buying for not yourself.
A cozy pair of slippers – Do you think she’d love something warm and cozy to keep her feet warm on Valentine’s Day? February is not known for warm weather so why not find a pair that is made from snuggly sheepskin?
Give her an unforgettable memory – Constantly running around taking care of responsibilities means your girlfriend or wife has little time spare for the things that she loves doing. There are a number of different experience days available for booking which means you’ll never have a problem finding something that’ll appeal.

We’ve only really touched the surface of the dilemma that is finding the best Valentine’s gifts, but stick with us because we’ll be going into much more detail. We’ll also be taking a look at romantic Valentine gifts and special Valentine’s Day gifts. Along with sharing some ideas on how you can spend Valentine’s Day creating memorable moments that you can enjoy together.

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