Valentine’s Day Wedding Proposal

A dozen red roses, a box of premium chocolates and a beautiful pendant are romantic Valentine’s day gifts. Many people will also be considering this to be the perfect day for a romantic wedding proposal and it is worth taking some time to consider how you want to make this Valentine’s day extra special with an engagement ring and your promise of eternal love and devotion. This will make it one of the best Valentine’s day gifts for your girlfriend, soon to be wife.

We have put together some Valentine’s Day engagement ideas to encourage you to be creative in taking this bold step to propose to your sweetheart on the most romantic day of the year.

Public wedding proposals

set dinner tableIf you want to propose in front of other people, be sure that she will say yes, or it could be awkward for both of you. There is a story of a teacher who was called to the principals office, thought she was in trouble as she made her way there, yet when she arrived at the office, her boyfriend was waiting and he promptly proposed. The girl was delighted with the proposal, but very embarrassed at being in the Principals office, so be mindful of how your plans will feel to your future spouse.

A visit to your loved ones favorite restaurant on Valentine’s day is lovely. You can write your marriage proposal on the napkin and pass it across the table face down. Whilst she reads it, you have time to get down on one knee until the penny drops. When she says yes, it is likely the entire restaurant will start clapping and cheering. This is a perfect and proud public declaration of your love. Add to the surprise by inviting her closest friend to join you after she has accepted your romantic wedding proposal. She will be delighted to have someone to instantly share her good news with. As an extra surprise you can all take a taxi to the spot where you first met and have all your closest family and friends there to help you celebrate your engagement.

Private wedding proposals

If the idea of a public announcement on Valentine’s Day does not appeal, consider booking a chef to cook you a perfect meal at your home. Make your home romantic by lighting a lot of candles and dressing up the dining table with beautiful place settings. Add to the ambience by putting up framed pictures of the two of you covering all the time you have been together and prepare a downloaded play-list of the music she loves. Reminisce on the times you have had together, what you love about her, how much she brings to your life and what she does that makes your heart skip a beat. Then dessert can be your proposal. Simple candy conversation hearts served on a dish which read “I love you, real love, marry me, say yes, soul mates” can be the sweetest of proposals, and whilst she is reading them out, you have time to get on one knee and propose.

Fulfil her fantasy

a taleIf your sweetheart has shared a fantasy of how she imagined her marriage proposal as she was growing up, try and enact it as best you can. If she had an idea that she would meet the man of her dreams on a Parisian bridge, take her to Paris, or if that is too extreme, find a restaurant with Paris in the name and a park with a bridge. After the meal go for a walk, remind her of her story and on bended knee ask for her hand in marriage. This is your chance to be creative with a unique and unusual wedding proposal.

Keep it simple

Let your Valentine know that you are planning something special since it is Valentine’s Day, but do not drop any hints to ruin the surprise. Even better for a surprise is to play-down what the special night will involve. One simple idea if there is snow on the ground where you live, is to find some untouched snow in a field, park or picnic area, walk the outline of a huge heart and put your initials in the center of it. Pack a Thermos of her favorite hot drink, then go for a winter walk together. When you happen to come across your snow drawing, pause and kneel to propose. Add little details that you know she will love. Go home to a house covered with rose petals, a bottle of champagne or meet with friends at a local bar to celebrate.

Keep it on record

If you can, try and document this momentous occasion. Talk to the restaurant manager and ask if one of the staff can take photos or a video of the proposal or ask a work colleague or friend to be around at your chosen location to record the wedding proposal for posterity.