She will Be Lucky to Have One of These Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s day gifts for your wife or girlfriend do not only have to be just flowers and chocolate. Unique and amazing gifts exist that will make your woman feel like a lucky lady. Put a little thought into what she likes, her style and dress sense when it comes to clothes and jewelry, her hobbies and what she is passionate about, then you will have some idea as to what special romantic present will suit her best, to show that you appreciate her, understand her and support her. Here are our amazing gifts to consider for Valentine’s day:

  • Echo Dot
    lady and a roseThe all new Echo dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device with a small built-in speaker connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more—instantly. If she has one already, buy one for another room as Alexa responds intelligently from the Echo she will be closest to, thanks to Echo Spatial Perception. Echo Dot can be her alarm clock and turn off the lights in the bedroom, set timers in the kitchen, turn up the thermostat and shop on Amazon just using her voice. There are so many possibilities that you just have to ask Alexa to add those you want to install.
  • Travel Make-up Palette
    Every woman likes to look the best she can, particularly when she is away from home. Surprise your Valentine with a travel make-up palette that includes eye-shadow, lip color, blush, sheer powder and even mascara. You will know that when you whisk your beloved away on a romantic break, she is always going to look good. Choose her favorite make-up brand or treat her to a brand you know she loves, but cannot justify spending that sort of money on herself. A Chanel travel make-up palette looks fantastic and will not break the bank.
  • Silk Eye Mask
    A luxury eye mask is more than just pretty. One made from mulberry silk, which is the finest there is, prevents wrinkles as it is specially designed to reduce friction while she sleeps, keeping her skin and hydrated. Your sweetheart will feel like one lucky lady when you literally give her the gift of beauty sleep. Match it to make a set with the matching pillowcase made from the same high grade mulberry silk for hair protection and optimal beauty rest.
  • An Eternity rose
    girl amazed by roseBuying jewelry for your loved one is a traditionally romantic Valentine’s day gift. Make it special with an elegant pendent and earring set she can accessorize with her favourite outfit. A pendant featuring a hand-crafted miniature rose bud fashioned from natural rose petals, which have been glazed and edged with 24k gold is available in two styles. One has the pendant in the shape of a heart surrounded by 21 synthetic diamonds and comes with a stylish multi-link gold-dipped chain. Each earring holds 16 synthetic diamonds. The other set has the pendant featuring two gold rose leaf figurines with thirty sparkling synthetic diamonds and earrings also have the rose leaf figurines in a flawless design.

    A wonderful expression of love and the perfect gift for her on Valentine’s day. The rose can be colored red, pink, white, blue or purple and comes in a dark-blue velvet pouch with gold trimming and braided gold silk draw-strings. Combined, these are unique and amazing gifts for your very special Valentine.

  • Mobile photograph printer
    If your sweetheart is a photo fanatic, constantly taking pictures with her phone that you never get to see, change this with a mobile printer that will print photographs that are full color and smudge proof. Sync it to her Android or iOS phone or tablet using Bluetooth or NFC technology and she will be printing in minutes onto premium paper that needs no ink and is therefore easy to use. Make sure to add extra printer paper for all those extra romantic photographs she will want to take.
  • A personal stylist
    lady in a dressWhat woman would not want a personal stylist? A romantic, yet practical, Valentine’s day gift for your woman can include a gift card to an online service that curates boxes of clothing with pieces that have been chosen just for her that suit her style, budget and fit. You only pay for what she keeps and feedback makes the next experience even better. Your woman can opt to receive packages on a regular basis or at times of her own choosing. A box will arrive with a selection of items from brands she will know and love at the same retail price as found in shops. With an array of clothes, shoes and accessories including petite and maternity this is an especially thoughtful gift for the woman who loves clothes, but has limited time to shop.